Atkinson Family

The long awaited Ricky Atkinson Family CD entitled Legacy. Featuring:
1) Nick’s Wish (Nick)
2) Stroll Over Heaven With You ( Entire Family Choir)
3) Goodly Heritage (Teresa, Samuel, Ricky)
4) Jakin’s Song (Jakin)
5) Talk It Over With Him ( Ricky, Teresa, Samuel)
6) How Beautiful Heaven Must Be ( Samuel, Teresa, Ricky)
7) You’re The Best Thing (Shelby, Teresa, LaBreeska)
8) He Looked Beyond My Fault (Keenan, Samuel, Ricky)
9) I’ll Meet You In The Morning (LaBreeska, Samuel, Ricky)
10) Miracle In Me (Teresa, Samuel, Ricky)
11) Too Much To Gain To Lose (Ricky, Shelby, Keenan)
12) The Last Mile Of The Way (Marion and Virginia – Dad and Mom)
13) BONUS TRACK – “David”s Life” 1985 – Faith Baptist Camp ( Marion Atkinson )