RAC (Former Male Trio)

Favorites Volume 2
Includes the songs:
It's Gonna Be Wonderful
I Stand Upon The Rock
Royal Descendant
I'm Rich
Look For Me At Jesus Feet
We Shall See Heaven Someday
Jesus Is Coming Soon
Sheltered In The Arms Of God
Mercy Came Runnin'
It Was The Blood
He Left Me In His Will
Favorites Volume 1
Includes the songs:
O I See Him
Always Enough
New Shoes
I Have Not Forgotten
I Believe It All
I Know A Man Who Can
My God Is Real
I Rest My Case At the Cross
Jesus Hold My Hand
He Will Remember Me
I Know He Can
includes these songs:

Here For Now But Not For Long
I Know He Can
Waving On The Other Side
Get On Board
He Went All The Way For You
Good News
Love, Mercy and Grace
He'll Never Forsake
We Will
Outside the Gate
Wilburn Tribute
For years now, we have had in mind the possibility of recording a tribute album, dedicated to the Wilburn Family...the time has finally come.
RAC, as alumni of the Wilburn tradition, (as many other groups on the road today) are grateful. We want to thank Jackie, Elaine, Jay, Jonathan, Jimmy and all of their families for their many years of service for the Lord.
Through gospel music, testimony, and preaching, the Wilburns have left a long legacy of influence and inspiration, and we want to say we appreciate their willingness to give their entire lives to the service of the Lord.
The songs they chose year after year had, and still have, a lasting impact on people's lives and we want to honor their ministry by continuing the blessings of these great songs.

Songs include:
Tell it again
When the Shepherd Comes Home
Get Your knees Acquainted
Its Not So Hard To Praise Him
What He Was Dying To Say
Upper Ro
includes these songs:
- Until The Day
- I Call On Jesus
- When He Was On The Cross
- I Wish I Could Have Been There
- Jesus Can
- Unclouded Day
- Calvary Answers For Me
- Resting Place
- When Jesus Comes In The Clouds
- In Jesus Name
Double CD 10th Anniversary Reunion and Live
Double CD 10th Anniversary Reunion Live in Pigeon Forge and Live in Dublin

10th Anniversary Reunion
Ricky Atkinson & Compassion
Live in Pigeon Forge CD

Songs include:
1) Here For Now
2) Outside The Gate
3) Get On Board
4) Good News
5) I Know He Can
6) Waving On The Other Side
7) We Will
8) When He Was On The Cross
9) When Jesus Comes
10) Love Mercy and Grace
11) When The Music Starts
12) Table Of The King
13) One More Time
14) Im Blessed
15) Only Gonna Never Die

Also includes Live in Dublin