Ricky Atkinson (Solo)

Double CD Collection "Re-Mix" and "Stand"
New Double CD by Ricky Atkinson Re-mix and stand Stand Includes 12 songs and 24 sound tracks (12 soundtracks with BGV and 12 without BGV) songs include:
CD 1 - "Re-Mix"

1) I'm Blessed
2) He Stood By Me
3) Something In The Water
4) Only Day You Have
5) Song In My Soul
6) Army Of One

CD 2 "Stand"

1) Its Still The Blood of the Lamb
2) Never Be The Same
3) The Prodigal
4) Its Already Done
5) The Harvest
6) We Will Stand
Its The Word
It's The Word Bonus: Includes All 6 soundtracks with BGVs

includes these songs:
1) It's The Word
2) He Went A Little Further
3) Be Not Afraid
4) Servants Heart
5) Who's At The Door
6) Where Would You Be
With Compassion
Bonus: All 6 soundtracks with and without BGVs

includes these songs:

1) I Wish You Could See Him Now
2) He Made The Way
3) First Love
4) That's How It Happened To Me
5) Shower Of Blessing
6) Thank God I'm Saved