RICKY ATKINSON & COMPASSION is a South Georgia based gospel music trio. From a small town called Sylvester,GA in the southwest corner of the state, they travel all over the country taking the good news of the Gospel in song to everyone.
Formed in 1999, 2023 marks the 24th Anniversary.

Ricky Atkinson
Ricky Atkinson
Ricky was saved as an eight year old boy, in the parsonage of Faith Baptist Church in Bishopville, SC. He started singing with the family as a young man and continued thru his teen years.
In 1988, he started singing lead with his first group, The Campmeeting Boys.
In 1991,he formed a male trio called Kindred Spirit.
In 1994 he began filling solo dates for 2 years.
In 1996 he joined the Wilburns, from Nashville, TN.
In 1999, he returned to South Georgia to form this group, Ricky Atkinson and Compassion.

Labreeska was saved at a young age at Corinth FWB Church in Waynesboro,MS.
She comes from a huge gospel music heritage. Her dad, David Boaz, sang for years in a southern gospel quartet in South Mississippi.
She spent most of her teen years singing as a soloist, traveling all over the south.
Labreeska met Samuel at a singing in Lake,Mississippi in 2001, and they were married in July of 2002. She joined Compassion full time in October of 2002. LaBreeska sings alto and takes care of the product table.

Samuel, following in the steps of his big brother, grew up wanting to sing in a group. Like Ricky, he sang all thru his younger years with the family, then, in 1999 when Ricky came home, Samuel got the opportunity to sing not only in a group, but with family as well.
He was saved at Sylvester Road Baptist Church in Sylvester, GA at the age of 24.He sings baritone and handles the sound on the road.

The original trio travelled full time until 2007, when Ricky was joined by two of the best singers in gospel music, Loren Harris and Greg Cook. The male trio version of RAC remained until 2017.
At this point in group history, RAC began booking Reunion Tour dates, on a limited basis, filling 60 dates per year.
Ricky also fills about 40 solo dates per year.

The group has decades of national recognition, and Ricky continues in full time music in his 26th year.

Ricky is also noted as being one of Gospel music’s top songwriters. He is also a producer, arranger, publisher, and president of Resting Place Music Group. Ricky sings lead, and is the group owner & manager.

Some of Ricky Atkinson’s most recognized songs, (written or co-written):
This Valley is for Me #1
Resting Place #1
Left Behind# 7
Blessed Be the Name of the Lord #1
Good Time Today #7
The Harvest #1
Im Blessed #5
The Prodigal # 2
Only Gonna Never Die #2
Jesus Can #1
Based on a True Story #4
He Will Remember Me #10
Where Would You Be #3
Who’s At The Door #7
Until The Day #10
The Prodigals Father #7
I Have Not Forgotten #1
Be Not Afraid #1
(And many more…)

Major Appearances:
Gospel Music Television
The World Premier
National Quartet Convention
Celebration Cruise
Gospel Music Fan Fair
Silver Dollar City
University of Georgia AG
Daystar Network
(and many more…)

Ricky Atkinson and Compassion
records for:
Resting Place Music, Sylvester, GA
For booking information contact:
Ricky Atkinson

Ricky Atkinson