Not What I Am – Betterland double pack




This is a double CD pack that includes both Not What I Am and Betterland

CD 1 Betterland

Songs include:

  1. I’m Blessed
  2. In a Betterland
  3. If The Church Don’t Rise
  4. Only Day You Have
  5. The Only Way
  6. In The Saviour’s Hands
  7. Song In My Soul
  8. God Has Provided
  9. Army of One
  10. The Prodigal’s Father
    CD 2 Not What I Am

Songs include:

  1. When The Music Starts
  2. Not What I Am
  3. Table of the King
  4. He Stood By Me
  5. My God Will Never Change
  6. In God’s Time
  7. Somethin’ In The Water
  8. One More Time
  9. The Truth Will Come Out
  10. Master of the Storm