Sound Tracks

I Know He Can

includes these songs:

Here For Now But Not For Long
I Know He Can
Waving On The Other Side
Get On Board
He Went All The Way For You
Good News
Love, Mercy and Grace
He'll Never Forsake
We Will
Outside the Gate
[mp3-jplayer tracks="01HereForNow.mp3, 02HeCan.mp3, 03Waving.mp3, 04GetOnBoard.mp3, 05AlltheWay.mp3, 06GoodNews.mp3, 07Love.mp3, 08Forsake.mp3, 09WeWill.mp3, 10Gate.mp3" captions=" Here For Now; He Can; Get On Board; All the Way; Good News; Love Mercy and Grace; He Will Never Forsake; We Will; Outside the Gate" list="y"]
Wilburn Tribute Sound Tracks
Wilburn Tribute (SOUND TRACKS)

Songs include:

Tell it again
When the Shepherd Comes Home
Get Your knees Acquainted
Its Not So Hard To Praise Him
What He Was Dying To Say
Upper Room
Hand Of The Lord
We Have a Hope
March To Victory
God's Promised Land
Encore Sound Tracks
includes these songs:

- Until The Day
- I Call On Jesus
- When He Was On The Cross
- I Wish I Could Have Been There
- Jesus Can
- Unclouded Day
- Calvary Answers For Me
- Resting Place
- When Jesus Comes In The Clouds
- In Jesus Name

[mp3-jplayer tracks="01Until.mp3, 02Call.mp3, 03Cross.mp3, 07Calvary.mp3" captions=" Until the Day; I Call on Jesus; When He Was on the Cross; Calvary Answers For Me" list="y"]
Its The Word Sound Tracks
This Project includes all the songs plus all Sound Tracks with BGV

includes these songs:
(Click song title to listen to sample)

- It's The Word
- He Went A Little Further
- Be Not Afraid
- Servants Heart
- Who's At The Door
- Where Would You Be

[mp3-jplayer tracks="theword01.mp3, theword02.mp3, theword03.mp3, theword04.mp3, theword05.mp3, theword06.mp3" captions=" Its The Word; He Went A Little Further; Be Not Afraid; Servants Heart; Whos At The Door; Where Would You Be" list="y"]
With Compassion Sound Tracks
Bonus: All 6 soundtracks

with and without BGVs
includes these songs:

- I Wish You Could See Him Now - He Made The Way - First Love - That's How It Happened To Me - Shower Of Blessing - Thank God I'm Saved
[mp3-jplayer tracks="IWishYouCouldSeeHimNow.mp3, HeMadeTheWay.mp3, FirstLove.mp3, ThatsHowitHappenedToMe.mp3, ShowersOfBlessing.mp3, ThankGodImSaved.mp3" captions=" I Wish You Could See Him Now; He Made The Way; First Love; Thats How It Happened To Me; Shower Of Blessing; Thank God Im Saved"list="y"]
Hymns II Sound Tracks

includes these songs:

- Oh, I Want To See Him - My Saviours Love - Jesus, Hold My Hand - In The Garden - I Feel Like Traveling On - The Old Rugged Cross - My God Is Real - The Love Of God - His Love Lights The Way - I Want To Die On The Battlefield

[mp3-jplayer tracks="oldruggedcross.mp3, mygodisreal.mp3, theloveofgod.mp3" captions=" The Old Rugged Cross; My God Is Real; The Love of God" list="y"]
Not What I Am Sound Tracks

includes these songs:

- When The Music Starts
- Not What I Am
- Table Of The King
- He Stood By Me
- My God Will Never Change
- In God's Time
- Somethin' In The Water
- One More Time
- The Truth Will Come Out
- Master of the Storm

[mp3-jplayer tracks="Not_What_I_Am.mp3, Table_of_the_King.mp3, Something_in_the_Water.mp3" captions=" Not What I Am; Table of the King; Something In The Water" list="y"]
Betterland Sound Tracks
includes these songs:

- I'm Blessed
- In A Better Land
- If The Church Dont Rise
- Only Day You Have
- The Only Way
- In The Saviors Hands
- Song In My Soul
- God Has Provided
- Army Of One
- The Prodigals Father

[mp3-jplayer tracks="blessed01.mp3, betterland01.mp3, onlyway01.mp3, prodigal01.mp3" captions=" Im Blessed; In A Better Land; The Only Way; The Prodigals Father" list="y"]
Acoustic Collection Sound Tracks

includes these songs:

- On My Way Back
- He Cares For You
- When He Speaks Peace
- Shepherd's Voice
- Resting Place
- Peace That Passeth
- Counting Sheep
- This Valley Is For Me
- Great Is My Reward

[mp3-jplayer tracks="back01.mp3, hecares01.mp3, valley01.mp3, reward02.mp3" captions=" On My Way Back; He Cares For You; This Valley Is For Me; Great Is My Reward" list="y"]
Worship Hymn Sound Tracks

features classics such as:
- Cannot Find The Way Alone
- It Is Well
- Talk It Over With Him
-If We Never Meet Again
- I Need Thee
- How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
- Wonderful Peace
- I'll Meet You In The Morning
- Precious Memories
- Just As I Am
Join In Sound Tracks

includes these songs:
- Camp Meeting Days
- Living Sacrifice
- Blessed Be The Name of the Lord
- Raised Him
- I'm Getting Richer All the Time
- Forgiveness
- How Sweet It Is
- Strength In Time Of Trouble
- Join Right In
My Life - Based On a True Story Sound Tracks

includes these songs:

- Based On A True Story
- I Will Sing Praise
- Where Is Jesus
- Brand New Home
- Until The Day
- Only Gonna Never Die
- Sound Of Freedom
- It's A Good Sign
- Shower Of Blessing
- Makin' Good Time

[mp3-jplayer tracks="my_life.mp3, only_gonna_never_die.mp3, shower_of_blessings.mp3" captions=" Based On A True Story; Only Gonna Never Die; Shower of Blessing" list="y"]
On Our Way Sound Tracks

includes these songs:
- On Our Way
- The Sun Will Shine Again
- If You Believe
- Jesus Can
- Ready Steady
- Because of Grace
- Light Of Love
- I Will Rise
- I'm Gone
- Double Portion

[mp3-jplayer tracks="the_sun_will_shine_again.mp3, jesus_can.mp3, ready_steady.mp3" captions=" The Sun Will Shine Again; Jesus Can; Ready Steady" list="y"]
Where Would You Be Had Jesus Come Back 5 Minutes Ago
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