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November 2013

Bro Ricky,

We are still reaping the benefits of you guys being at our homecoming service! Tremendous service and look forward to seeing you and Loren and Greg again very soon!!

Love you all,

Kevin D


November 2013


Thank you for your ministry… what a wonderful time we had while you were at our church! I wanted to let you know that a young lady told her grandmother during the song service that she wanted to be saved, but was too shy to come down to the altar… yet during the meal after service, she spoke to one of our ladies in the church, and accepted Christ as her Saviour! Thought that might be a blessing to know that what you do does matter and is very powerful!

We are praying for you, always!!


Jeff and Patty


July 2013

Hey Rick,

enjoyed y’all last week, you guys were awesome at Gatlinburg Gathering!

I’m the guy from AL that talked to you about your coach, and Labreeska’s family friend. Love to get you back down here in this area! Keep up the great work and great singing!

Love you all,
Steve Roberts
Needham , AL

July 2013

Hello RAC,

just a note to tell you that we are looking forward to your new CD here in eastern NC. Loren is my fave and you all three are great and blend so well together… looking forward also to you all being at our church in the near future, man!

"Jesus Can" is my favorite song of all time with a close runner up, "The Sun Will Shine Again". You are a blessed songwriter and singer… thank you for your humble spirit and being who you are and what you are.

Gary G., in NC

January 2013

Hey Bro. Ricky!
I play a ton of y’all’s stuff on the radio here in Lagrange,GA, WOAK, THE OAK.
It’s our local southern gospel station. Tell Greg I said hey!

Thanks a bunch & keep writin & keep singin!

Pastor Bruce Freeman
Sent from my iPad Pastor Freeman

January 2013

I hope this finds you well and that everything is going good for you. I want to take this time and let you know that your music is a blessing and an encouragement to me. I am recovering from a Pedestrian accident in which I sustain injuries. Since my accident, it has been a difficult time for me both physically and financially. There are days that I feel like giving up, but I know there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I listen to gospel music for blessings and for encouragement.
Please continue the wonderful job. Blessings to all of you.

Very Truly Yours,
M Rigney
RE: I would love to have a signed picture of you and Compassion. Thank you kindly.
Please remember me in your prayers.

December 2012

Brother Ricky,

Just a note to say thank you for all the blessed songs you have written over the years, only God knows how much you have meant to our family and how much help we have received over and over again from your music.

We love you,
Gladis and Pete
Jax, FL

December 2012


I just wanted to let you know how much a song of yours has blessed and touched me. I lost my father this day a week ago and thought everything was going to collapse around me.
I had your 10th anniversary cd in my car driving one night and the song “One More Time” came on. I had to stop and pull over and just felt a peace come over me from the Holy Spirit. And whenever I start to get down I put this song in and it helps me to remember how Jesus can bring me through anything.
After things settle down I intend on getting the track and trying to sing this song in my church as this has become my testimony. Thanks again and I hope to see you in April like I have for the past several years.


James Johnson
Rittman Community Free Will Baptist Church
Rittman, Ohio

October 2012

Hello Ricky,

Im writing to tell you that your song ‘Jesus Can’ has once again touched our family in the most precious way you can ever imagine. Another tragedy in our family, and the situation has caused a lot of heartache and pain, and I will spare you the details, I know you hear this kind of thing every week, if not every day, BUT I just wanted to let you know that you continue to touch people and bring real hope to hurting people probably more than you know.

God bless you my friend, you have a real gift,

We love you,
Helen Garrett
Columbus, OH

October 2012

Hey guys,
Yall absolutely killed it at Gatlinburg Gathering!! I loved every set, and heard them all! Keep up the great songwriting and singing, see you all again soon, hopefully!

Wanabe Sanga’,
Jarred Cable

August 2012

Hi Ricky,
I love the version of your group singing, IM BLESSED!! You need to contact our music minister here at church and get booked here in NO GA! I thank God that he led me from FL, to this beautiful place. I do hope you can come to our church to sing soon!
May God richly bless you and the group!
Ringgold, GA

August 2012

Hey guys!
I was wondering if there’s any way to get the last comp disc, RPM VOL 12, I have this new one but I love the song, "HE STOOD BY M"& by RAC?.great song and a strong message of hope that needs to be heard? I don?t know how I missed that release, some one may have took it home, HAHA! BUT, I do need to get it in here asap, and I’d love to get it on the air more here in Texas!!

Thank you and God bless,
KNNK FM, Positive 100.5
Hereford, TX

April 2012

Bro Ricky,

I heard you sing in NC a few weeks ago and bought several of your CD, on your table special. I love the songs, especially "I Wish You Could See Him Now" on the w/Compassion CD. If I had known about that song I would have asked for it in the concert! Wow Jesus Can is also a big fave of mine.

Jeffrey Bowden
Ashville, NC

April 2012

If there is a better song than "He Stood By Me" playing on the radio right now, I haven’t heard it. Its your current single and I’ve heard another version of the song, BUT this one is just plain awesome!

I’m from mid-state NC and Joy FM is playing it hot and heavy and I love the words of this song, such a tremendous blessing to know we are never alone and He knows where we are. I just wanted you to know its tearing up the airwaves here in NC. Go JOY FM in Winston Salem!!!!

Daneille Grainger, NC

March 2012

Hi Ricky,

I enjoyed hearing you and the guys last week in Askewville, NC. I cannot say enough of how much your songs help me, especially the one I requested. Thanks for doing that song for me, and thanks for praying with me after service, life is hard sometimes, but people like you encourage me to keep on.
Love you all,

Eddie Baskin, NC

March 2012

Man OOOO Man!!!!

You really brought it in SC at the Camp bro! Solo and RAC were both off the hook!

I hope you all get to come back to our area soon, we cant get enough of it here! Keep up the great work and get back asap!!

Dal and Rhonda, SC

February 2012

Hey guys!

I really enjoyed your singing at the campmeeting in Marion SC, amazing to hear and feel the Spirit as you lift up Jesus name!

Keep up the great work and the great songs, love hearing you all on XM Enlighten 18?what a tremendous blessing you are, we love you!

Gregg Tapps
South Carolina

February 2012

Hello Ricky,

Did you get the new CD up on the web yet? I’ve been hearing the new single here in NC, but I want to buy the whole thing. I know it’s great, as it always is! My mother’s favorite song has always been Jesus Can and One More Time? we hope to get you to our church here real soon! Send me your phone, so we can get you booked asap!

Bless you and the work you do for God!
Have a wonderful day! Love you all!

Ben Hatcher
Ashville, NC

November 2011

Hey Rick, Got your new solo CD today! Lovin it!

Things are going really well around here at our church, baptism service awhile back
was for 32! God is working here, and we hope to get you back here very soon!!

I’m working on it!
Praying for you,
Van Wyck, SC

November 2011

Hey RAC,

I was listening to your radio single He Made The Way on the radio today. Powerful
powerful song… hope you all are doing well, just wanted to let you know its ringing out
up here in IL.

Love your music!
Happy Thanksgiving,
Denver Rich

October 2011

Hey Brother Ricky,

We continue to pray for you daily and love the friendship we have had over the years.
God bless you, looking forward to seeing you soon, and going to get some BBQ!

W Brown
Lexington, NC

October 2011

Hey guys!

Family Fun Entertainment! I just watched the old Wilburns with you and Loren on each end, it
was GOOOOD!!

Love you all,

Flip Harper
Harper Trio
Camilla, GA

September 2011

Hey Ricky,

I really enjoyed the concert last Sunday at the Annex Center. Everyone loved it and we all
look forward and want you to come back soon! We really enjoyed sharing the stage with you
and hope to agai soon!

I especially appreciate your words of encouragement to song writers as myself…I needed that
so thank you for all your do, keep up the good work!

Barry Moore
Ardmore, AL

September 2011

I write this more as a fan, not as a friend…I wanted to say I appreciate your talent and what you do
for God.

Your singing has been a real blessing to me over the years, and your songs are a gift to the
Church. Every time I sing one of your songs, it never fails to bring a spirit of worship to our

Dont ever give up, no matter what.

Anonymus Pastor in AL

August 2011

Dear Ricky,

I appreciate your ministry and song writing, what a great blessing!
I have recorded several of your songs over the years, and love singing them. I also need to get
with you on possibly recording a few more on my next CD.Its hard to find good SGM trax here
in Australia, but we still love singing! I do all my bgvs and some quartet arrangements, its fun
for sure!
Blessing to speak to you, my brother!

Blessings from ‘down under’!

August 2011

Hey Ric,

I got several soundtracks from you at the Pigeon Forge Event last week, and I wanted
to let you know that we really enjoy them, many more songs on there than what we heard in
your time on stage, but great songs!
I do have a problem with one of the older ones, the song numbers seem to be out of order, but
if you give me a call and tell me what order they are, maybe they are all actually on there…..

God bless you ,

July 2011

Hey Rick,

I have already gotten the new solo CD and its awesome!
I especially love the songs It’s the Blood and It’s Already Done. Two hits for sure
I love your writing and I appreciate your talent and look forward to you being at
our church in NC, soon!

Bless you and the group bro,
Daniel P
Ferguson, NC

July 2011

Dear Ricky Atkinson and Compassion,

I am enjoying the new song on radio, Jesus Made the Way, or He Made the Way,
Either way HE is JESUS so whatever the title I get the song!
JoyFM is playing it a lot and I turn it up everytime it comes on, Im going to get it soon
So I can hear anytime I want!
Do you all have a soundtrack for it? Id love to sing it!

Let me know,
Great song! Marg Taylor Ashboro, NC

June 2011

Hey Guys… Im just now getting around to writing you, but I wanted to say what a great blessing
you were at SESGMC! You were….well you, as always! HAHA!
Greg and Loren still have the power, and yall have such a great sound!!

Thrilled to get to play in the golf tourney with you on Saturday also… we had a blast and look
forward to next year! Already making plans to attend and spend more time with you guys!

Tell them I said hello, and how great yall were that night..blew the roof off Ashburn Civic Center,
for real!

Love yall boys,
One Voice Trio
(Rolld Tide)

June 2011

Dear Ricky,

I really enjoyed your singing at Beaverdam in Camden a few weeks back, God has blessed you to grow up into a fine young man, and we are glad to see God using you in the way He does. We often take for granted the little children around us at our churches and in our families, and we forget how much of an influence we can be in shaping their future and direction in life.
I remember when you were just a toddler running around us art the table so many years ago, never knowing you would be such a great tool for God’s service!
We are proud of you and pray for you often… God bless and keep you!


May 2011


I was sitting here on the porch in Memphis TN listening to xm radio and your song just
came on and I thought I’d write to you and say what a blessing your music has been to
our family lately. We didn’t lose everything in the severe storms but we lost some, and
even that is hard, but for those who lost it all makes our church family mourn.

Your encouraging songs have kept us uplifted and keep the faith.
God bless you and your group.

Janet Baker

May 2011

Loren Greg and Ricky!

Gerald here from Bristol! I came down to see the show at Erwin this month and I can say this,
That may have been a secular bluegrass concert, BUT y’all blew their doors off! HAHA!
Grascals rocked it as well, but you all did an awesome job as OUR SGM artist!!
You guys were simply amazing and you showed class and Christian character, by doing what
you were supposed to do!! Represent the gospel, SGM, and Jesus to those people!

They loved it too!! I was shocked at the response you got on most every song!
Hang in there and keep up the great CD work!

Gerald Tinsley

April 2011

Hey Rick,

Looking forward to y’all being at TGBBQ next month!
I’m gonna take off and bring my wife and family, and we are gonna not only enjoy that night,but the following night in Erwin TN! We plan to make it a RAC weekend with you guys!!I can’t wait, love to hear you all, and this is gona be a fun fun time for us!!

Looking forward to it!

James Cowler
Harriman, TN

April 2011

Hey Loren, Greg, and Rick!

I can’t say enough about your set at the Conference! Y’all overpowered that whole place, it was electric!! You guys are the best as far as Im concerned and Im sure everyone therefelt the same way when you all were finished!Keep up the great singing and the great songs and recordings!!
We love y’all boys down here!!

Craig G
Albany, GA

March 2011

Hey Rick,

I enjoy your current CD, He Can all the time… I have a six CD player in my truck, its three ofyours and three of the Perrys! HAHA!

I listen to ‘Waving’ almost everyday, it’s such an encouragement to know that our friends and familyin Heaven are cheering us on!!

Your music is a blessing, Keep it up bro!

James Conway

March 2011

Hello Guys!

I just wanted to drop by and say hello and tell you guys that I really had a great time at the concert in Holden, LA! CHronicle was great too, just a good night of encouragement andstrength and i enojyed talking to greg after the concert!

You all seem very sincere and real and I appreciate that in professionals… we all do!

Keep singing for God and blessing people and try to get back out this way soon!

Blessing to you,
Travis Elrod
Baton Rouge, LA

February 2011


Thanks for the help. Your songs are really a blessing. They have so much truth in them and aren’t just “fluff” and the same old tunes with the same old lyrics/ryhmes that seem to be the norm in SG music. Stay in the center of God’s will and never compromise the values and convictions you know to be true from the word of God and he will bless you and your ministry.

God bless,
Blake Edmondson – Acts 20:24

February 2011

Hey Guys!

I just bought your latest CD, I KNOW HE CAN, a few weeks ago! LOVE IT!!I’m a singer as well, and after hearing these songs, I ordered the soundtracks and I’m alreadysinging several of these songs!!

Your music is a blessing to all who take time to listen, keep up the great work for God that youdo, and I will see you when you are back in North Carolina area!

Jeffrey Davis

January 2011

Dear Ricky,

Just wanted take a moment to let you know that I bought one of your CD’s when you were at Christian Life Center in Moultrie, GA, (Pastor Corey Shiver). I live in both Rome and Moultrie because of my elderly father (90 years young!).

I am a Chaplain at the Floyd County Jail in Rome and recently started playing a couple of songs from your "It’s the Word" album. The inmates especially love to hear "It’s the Word" and "He went a Little Farther" before we get into the Word. Just wanted to thank you for helping me in my ministry of preaching the Gospel to ladies who are incarcerated. We see women saved often and sometimes filled with the Holy Spirit. You are now a part of many of our services.

Thank you and God bless you richly for your ministry!

Sunny Stallings
Chaplain, Free on the Inside
Floyd County Jail
Rome, Floyd County, Georgia

January 2011

Thank you Thank you sooo much. I heard this on Enlighten XM radio it blew me away. I lost my daughter this time of the year six years ago. A beautiful girl 42 years old from cancer.It was a tremendous blessing.

I have a friend, Bobby Simpson, going through bad times I really want him to hear this song. Bobby had prostate cancer in 09 a year later he had a had a stroke this past October. He burried his 92 year old father this past Christmas eve.

Bobby is a great gospel singer. He has worked with Perfect Heart in the past Bobby and I sung with Steve Hurst in a group call the Ambassadors of Nashville. In 1973 we won the National Quartet contest out of 125 groups, singing Amazing Grace arranged by Steve Hurst

Gospel singers never know how their songs bless people even though they are played on the radio.

Thank you so much for your time
God bless you
Larry Mayfield

December 2010

"One More Time"… This song has very special meaning to me, and I wanted to share with you why.

In February 2005, my then 5yr old daughter, Hannah, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. She underwent 2yrs 3mths of chemotherapy and was off of treatment 3yrs when, much to our horror, she relapsed in April 2010. Because the chemo is three times stronger this time, she has had to overcome many obstacles, including a stroke, brain bleed, and blood clot on her brain in May from one of the chemo drugs she was given. In June, while Hannah was inpatient receiving chemo, we met another family whose 13yr old daugher, Jessi, was diagnosed with another, more aggressive, form of leukemia. We soon discovered that we both shared the same love for our Lord and Savior and quickly formed a bond that was very special to Hannah and I. Jessi’s mom shared the song, "One More Time", with me and I immediately fell in love with it. The music minister from their church even came up to the hospital and we all gathered in the foyer on the children’s cancer unit where the piano is — while he sang and played, we wept and thanked the Lord for His sustaining grace during this difficult time in our lives. Our friend, Jessi, passed away Thanksgiving day of this year and that special time and special song means even more to me now.

Thank you and God bless you for your ministry!

Tammy Layfield

December 2010

Thanks Ricky!

We all enjoyed your singing at Chesnee FWB Church last month, even tho you wont remember me, I was the man who brought several with me and we all sat in the front on the left. I had my group sit there because it was right in front of the piano, for when you go over and the the live piano portion of the concerts…everyone was truly blessed. we love your songs and sing them often. Happy new year to youi and yours!

Chesnee, SC

November 2010

Hello Mr. Atkinson,

I thought I would take a few minutes to say we love your music, all of it. Your songs are so deep and thoughtful and inspired, keep on writing great songs for us to enjoy!

Tell the guys, we really appreciate you all doing a Wilburn Tribute CD. Followed them throughoutthe years, even while you and Loren were travelling with them, and we love them and their wonderful testimony and their music. It was very thoughtful and professional of you, to do a tribute to their long ministry. The CD is well done and you all chose the right songs!We are blessed everytime we listen to it. Tell Jack and Elaine we said hello and there are many people out here who still remember them and listen to their songs!

Blessings to you this Christmas!
George and Belinda Craven
Winston, NC

November 2010

Hey Rick, Great to hear you down in Miss for the pre-Thanksgiving Concert!!

I know you have a great group, but you MORE than help your own as a soloist. I was wondering what it would be like to hear you solo, and my whole youth group was blown away! You did awesome my friend.

Keep up the great work God has given you to do, we will support you on and on brother!Give our best to your Dad and Mom, and sister and brother and all their families, we love you and pray for you often!

God bless you and your talents,
again and again,
Jeffry Quinton
Roll Tide

October 2010

Hey Guys,

I listen to your group on the radio here in VA all the time. I love it when one of your songs comeson, it’s anointed and fresh, and Ricky your songs speak to my heart and encourage my family.Everyone in my house listens to you all, and every one at my church knows all about you too.

I hope one day to get you here to our little church and have the blessing of being in churchwith you all as we listen.

God be with you,
Blacksburg, VA

October 2010

Greetings and salutations!

Hope this letter finds you doing well Ricky! Just a note to say hi, and how excited we are to be working with you!

Thanks for sending our group some songs to chose from, our recording is going to be great,and we plan to add several of your tunes to our list! Love the new one about My Redeemer,great strong song brother! Looking forward to you hearing us trying to beller out songs writtenby the best in gm!

Keep on writing and singing,man… we love you!!

Christopher King

September 2010

Hey Ricky,

Enjoyed our short but wonderful conversation at NQC! I missed the guys being therewith you but maybe next year! You hit a homer on the showcase thing, man! awesome job. Your voice just cuts,so powerful, great set. Maybe next year they get you guys back on the main stage, you deserve it!

Tony D
Lucedale, MS

September 2010

Hey Rick,

We attend a week long old time revivalevery July called Camp Glory in Grove City, Ohio and Tuesday night they sang One More Time, and while they sang that song, my pastor’s wife shoutedthe church down – what a blessing to hear her with joy, as this past year hadvery trying for them as their son had been through a battle with drugs.

I am blessed that not only is she my pastor’s wife but my boss as well, so I havespent many hours with her as she cried and begged God to help with her son,so as God has answered that prayer and delivered Brad from the hands ofSatan it was a blessing to see tears of joy and praise from her lips.

Thank you again for all your help with this for allowing God to speakthrough you and use your co-writer, to pen such a beautiful and true song.

May God Bless you in all that you do.

Tracy & Lisa

August 2010

Hello RAC!

I love your latest CDs, and im also looking forward to picking up that new Wilburn TributeCD! Me and my huband are big fans of the Wilburns when Loren and Ricky were with them,and we love the group you guys have put together now!

Planning on driving up to Sevierville next week to see you all on Labor Day!Looking forward to hearing you all again, and maybe you can even get old TG up there to sing a few of those songs with you, like you did a few months back at the restaurant!

See ya soon,
Debra and Gill
Knox, Co. TN

August 2010

Hey Rick,

You guys did an amazing job singing at Magnificent Mondays in Charlotte at the FBCIT,man I really love the sound you guys have together!

That’s a fantastic stage at that church, and the lighting was really good, so I got some reallygreat pictures of you guys! I will send them soon, if you want to see them!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you again real soon!

Mooresville, NC

July 2010

Dear Ricky,

It was so wonderful to see you again this morning in Danville. We appreciate your singing “Waving On The Other Side” for us. What a Blessed Song that is. As we minister in our area, we hope to spread this message in song also. We want to thank you for sharing all thewonderful songs that God has given you.

May you have Safe Journey on your travels as you continue to spread The Good News!

God Bless Always,
Linda and Mark
South Boston, VA

July 2010

Hey Gents,

Looking forward to seeing you guys in NC next month!
I love your music, and your sound, and be sure to tell Loren hes gona have to sing a few more songs in your program! HAHA!Love that guys voice…
Y’all have the perfect blend and I am excited about y’all coming. See ya soon! 🙂

Roleigh, NC

June 2010

Hey Ric,

Good to meet you and talk some at MSQC.
Your songs are a tremendous help and lift to weary soldiers all over the country. I wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work and let you know that I was worried when I saw your set followed Triumphant Qt one night, and then following Mike Bowling Family the next,BUT I can truly say you stood up to the task and killed it right by yourself! I guess you knew that by the crowd response though!

Some people just don’t have to have all the people around and hoopla to get through to folks. You do it just straight God given talent, sincere and simple. I am thankful for the example you set every time you walk out on stage.Keep on singing and writing, brother! You are the best!

God bless you, my friend!
Keep it up!
Laurel, MS

June 2010

Hey Rick, Loren and Greg!

I absolutely LOVE the new dvd!! Its top notch, y’all sang wonderfully, and it was also greatto see Samuel and Labreska back on stage with you all! Overall, its one of my favorite dvds,and I just wanted to let you know its awesome!!

Love you guys!


May 2010

Rick and Compassion,

What a tremendous blessing it was to have you back at Clarkes Chapel this past weekend!I cant remember being in a more spirit filled worship service, and I appreciate you willing tobless our church with your talents.

I love the CDs I bought, and again, thank you for being here! Looking forward to next time with you all. God bless you all,

Thomaston, GA.

May 2010

Hey guys!!!br />br />Wow!! Y’all tore up Tonys BBQ joint!! Absolutely wore it out, and when Tony joined y’all on Outside The Gate, I thought I was alreadywalking through those gates! (I wonder how many times, they have had shouting like that inhis restaurant?! HAHA!) Glory!

It was well worth ther miles to come see you all, yall are wonderful and sweet spirited and Imsure thats why God keeps on blessing you and your group!

I want to get you booked here with our church soon! We will talk brother!

Love you all, tell the guys hello and they did awesome!!!

Bro. Roberts

April 2010

Hey Rick,

We are looking forward to you being near us next month! The new dvd will be on your table by then I hope!Can’t wait to see you and the guys, and also the original group on stage together!!

God be with you, keep on writing and singing!


April 2010

Hey guys!

The new single “Get On Board”, is booming here in VA! Sounds great as a quartet, you guys should consider keeping ol Geno around! HAHA!

Also, your new solo single is awesome, true words and never written better in a song than those! Congrats on your writing success, and good luck next month with the Fan Fair Awards, you are a great song writer but the vocalist awards are also well deserved, my friend!

Hoping you will win it again!

Sandra P
Broadway, VA

March 2010

Hey Guys,

I wanted to say I really love both of the new CDs! Y’all are the best in my book, and I can’t wait til you get to NC in May!I will have to drive a long ways but Im gona be there, and I will have several request for ya!

Bless you all and your families, and keep up the good work and spreading the "Good News" !

Jackson Balvin
Wilson, NC

March 2010


I just wanted to tell u that first of all it was a privilege meeting u last night. Getting to see ur heart for ministry and the Lord was an encouragment to me and my whole family. Hopefully sometime this year we can get u back down here in LA to our church! So we’ll be prayin about that.

Secondly, I bought one of ur solo CD’s last night. I got to work this morning, dumped it on my computer, and started listening to it. The first song started playing, “I Wish You Could See Him Now”, and man!!! I work in an office, and almost had to go outside, shout for awhile, and regain my composure. I was sitting here crying like a litlle girl hoping nobody came up and asked me a question. My favoritesong of ur’s was “Not What I Am”, but I think I’m gonna have to call it a tie. lol Anyway, I just wanted to let u know u r a blessing and keep doin what u do. ttyl

Jeremy T.
in Louisiana

February 2010

Hey want to get a message to Greg Cook.

I just wanted to tell you how blessed I am to hear you sing “When He was on the Cross I was on His Mind”. I watched a video of you when you sang the song at a Gaither Homecoming taping. First off you sang it beautifully. Second, Your testimony at the end of your praise brought me to tears. I have since watched it over and over and cried over and over. I pray one day our paths will cross, and I can one day sing that song with such a spirit filled God Loving, Humble Man such as yourself. God bless you and your ministry.

In Christ’s Love,

Eric Gonzales

February 2010

Hi Rick,

Double Portion!! Its a hit! Learned chorus only tonite in our choir. 15 yr girl listening–who says little about songs–blurted out “O ILOVE that!”– B4 we had finished 1st run thru! U know its right when teens validate :).

Thanks again for a great song, I am checking into getting you here, U have some great and even better–anointed songs!

Patsy Matthews
Rose Hill, NC

January 2010

Dear Ricky –

This is the third time I’m writing…for some reason, I’m having trouble getting this sent (of course, the first time, I had a letter wrong in the address!). But I want to tell you we received the cd yesterday. Thank you so very much. You would not believe how many times we have played it already. It is such a beautiful, comforting song. Thanks for writing it!

We are hoping John can use the piano soundtrack, or our pianist can pick it up..she’s good! We know the song will be a blessing to many as they hear it…over the airwaves, or wherever..so many can identify with it. Each time I hear it, it becomes dearer to me.

We can’t thank you enough for all your help…and we will be praying for your ministry. Keep writing!

Blessings to you as you bless others,
John and Jeanette Dexter

January 2010

Hey Bro Ricky,I recieved your music download of “This Valley Is For Me”, and listened repeatedly!Its amazing how the Lord works! He gives one person the wrods to help so many through lifes trials!

Thank you so much!

Vanessa Callahan


Hey Gang! I just listened to your new CD yesterday and I was thinking how much I love the new single,”Waving On The Other Side”. Then I go out and get in my car and low and behold its playingon XM Satallite radio! Just lost a family member recently that meant alot to me. Im glad I knowshe is encouraging me to keep on!
Keep writing great songs, yall sound awesome!

Karen S.
North Carolina


Hey Rick,
    I was at the campmeeting in Hartselle AL a few weeks back and I wanted to let you know I really appreciate your songs and your ministry. God has certinly blessed you with a giftlike few have and we appreciate your willingness to use it for His glory.

    Tell the guys hello, we love you all!
Blessings to you and your families thru this Christmas season!

Mike and Patty
Birmingham, AL

October 2009

Hey Ricky,
I thank you for writing such beautiful music.I got your sheet music on Blessed be The Name Of The Lord! I’m not the Mark Lowery from Houston, though I did live there for awhile. I’m the one from Missouri. Hee Haw !!! GOD BLESS YOU
The other, Mark Lowery

October 2009

Hey Ricky,
Just want you to know I am still loving my favorite of your songs, "Jesus Can", and watch it on youtube so often. I just e-mailed it again to my brother. He’s still in the VA – PTSD program having a tough time with post traumatic stress. I don’t know what he saw in Afghanistan but I know he hardly sleeps and when he does, he has nightmares that include horible things. A suicide bomber blew himself up pretty close to his sleeping quarters, but I don’t know any other specifics.
I don’t know how to help him, but I know music speaks to his soul. Ricky, we need a song of hope for our wounded warriors.
North Carolina

September 2009

Ricky, Tim and I both received a great blessing from your visit to our church. We appreciate what you are doing for our Lord and Saviour! You have a great talent and it blessed to see and hear you using that talent for Him.

I am the one that asked if you had "He Will Remember" on a CD. My mother has the beginnings of Alzheimer disease but she has kidney problems as well as crippling Arithritis. My dad goes to see her every day at about the same time. They have been married for over 57 years. That song just reminded me of them. I grew up in a small Baptist church close to Russellville, AL and my dad was a deacon there. God has blessed my with Christian parents and now it is a joy to help take care of them. They have always been there for me.

My husband was also raised in a Christian home with a Baptist preacher for a dad. His dad passed away in 2006 with Lung Cancer. My husband spent a lot of long sleepless nights with his dad because he couldn’t sleep, the pain being so bad. A lot of nights his dad would think my husband was someone else.

Tim’s Dad is in heaven now where there will never be any more pain or sorrow and I know that sometime soon my mother will join him there. We never know we may get there before she does.

Anyway, I do appreciate you and your talent.

Thank you so much,
Jan Sibley

P.S. We have been enjoying listening to the two CDs we purchased yesterday.

September 2009

Hi Mr. Atkinson, you were at the 29th July 4th Camp Meeting held at Forest Hills Baptist Church, Roger Williams was the evangelist preacher, Ronnie Matthews was the church Pastor. You sang some great songs and played the piano. It was all I could do not to just break down and cry, I was constantly wiping the tears away and all of a sudden my Mother grabbed my hand and kiss the back of it and said “I love you”, well needless to say that just about did it for me.

After the service I did pick up your latest release CD and it has blessed my heart, especially the song They Waved, Waving On The Other Side. You truly are gifted by God and I pray you will stay in the center of His will.

I look forward to hearing from you. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe on the highways and you travel to spread the word in song.

God Bless,

Linda Edwards

August 2009

Hello Brother Rick,

Thanks for singing for us this past weekend, we had an grat time with you and the presenceof the Lord was truly in this place! Looking forward to the campmeeting, and also the fellowshipand encouragement that you bring! Thanks for your ministry and testimony, may God continueto give you great songs to sing!

Bless you for being willing to work in His service,
Jeremy H.
Ft Valley, GA.

August 2009

Hi Ricky,

I wanted to drop by and say CONGRATS! We just got the word that your song, BE NOT AFRAIDwill be the #1 song in Southern Gospel Music next month!! Great song bro, and even thoughthe Whisnants did a fine job on it, I still prefer your recording of the song. Just seems to be something about a song being sung by the person that wrote it! I love to hear Kyla sing becauseit just seems more special than someone else doing it. Keep on cranking out those #1’s man,you might be middle income someday!! HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, you’re on top again my friend, numero uno!! I don’t know how many that is for you, but Iknow there’s many more to come!! Your writing is very underappreciated in this industry, but those that listen know who’s at the top, and God for sure knows!

Living by faith, (and the royalty checks it brings),

J. Ritchie

July 2009

Bro Rick, Thanks for bringing your music,(and all your sound equipment) to our school inIronton OH. We love your singing and your songs, keep up the good work, and come back up this way when you can.

OH and also, thanks for letting me buy a soundtrack without the entire soundtrack CD. You are a blessing, my friend!

Bro Smith
Ironton, OH.

July 2009


I’m gonna just say it! Harris is still the man!! Y’all sound great together, as you did way back when, with the Wilburns, and Greg is strong as ever! Y’all really make me sick! HAHA!

Great CD, great singing, can’t wait to see y’all at NQC this year!! We will have a good timemaybe we can go eat out one day… I will come by your booth early in the week!!

Holler at you later, Bro
Gerald Boykin

June 2009

Hey Rick,
Thanks for coming to out church and blessing us with your music! We look forward tonext year already. I bought all your CDs and enjoying them!! Next time bring some carbswith you. HAHA!!

Darrick Pleasant
Carrollton, GA

June 2009

Hi guys!!

Wanted to say hello form Kansas!! Jayhawks rule!! I justpicked up ur new He Can CD,wow!Its loaded and again Ric u have outdone yourself all over again my friend! Love your music, and keep up the good work. They are playing you all quite a bit out here, so I had to have the CD!

Again, yall keep singing for Jesus!

Aden Carrier

May 2009

WOW this new CD is the best yet! The songs are awesome!!                              
Thank you!!

Carla & Brent Shepherd , DeWitt, AR

May 2009


We really enjoyed having you this morning! I know God puts everything in perfect place. You are really blessed by God in the songs that you are led to write! This morning was very hard for me just loosing my mother and father. Heaven is even more precious now for me!

Just as your song, my Dad stuck by my Mom for many years while she was loosing her mind. But on the last day of her life, God allowed her to remember my Dad, mention things that only he and she knew about, and tell him she loved him as he left. It was a precious memory for my Dad…. He was a faithful husband and loved her no matter what. So much he himself suffered from a lonely heart…. Jan 2009 he went for open heart surgery and after 50 days in the hospital, he too went to be with the Lord and my Mom … reunited forever! Although it was such a shock and a BIG emptiness left in my life, I know that Mom and Dad are cheering us on to continue the fight! Each one of your songs hit home and ministered to me in such a AWESOME way! Thanks for listening to Lord and obeying!

….. we hope to see you again soon!

In Christ~

Deborah Priest

April 2009

Ricky, I have been hearing your song a lot on Joy FM, I love the new material you have written for the new CD! Yall sung it like pros too, I love this CD, keeps me going when I’m driving back and forth to work daily… we pray for you a lot, keep up the good work.


Ashland, KY

April 2009

Hey guys,

Caught your show at Singing In The Sun last week!! AWESOME SOUND!Just wanted you to know I loved it, you were clearly the best group on that program.I got some great pictures too, I will send them soon! Cool website too,looks amazing!

Love you all!
Jerry and Tammy S.
Dillon, SC

March 2009

Hey Rick,

I just got the new CD in the mail and I wanted to let you know it’s the BEST!I don’t know how you keep doing it. The songs and vocals are so awesome, and you continue to use those cool chord progressions! You guys sound great, and I want you to know I think it just keeps getting better and better!

Talk to you soon,
Ray and Kim
Jax, Florida

March 2009 2009

Hello guys!

I really enjoyed the concert in Charlotte last week, you 3 are awesome together and have a unmatched sound! The new songs are top notch,and just to let you know JoyFM is playing the new radio song!Hope to se you all again very soon!

Be Blessed,
Winston- Salem,NC

February 2009

I am blown away. You outdid yourself this time. We heard the new CD over breakfast Saturday and are quite amazed at how great it is. Loren ran us a copy and we’ve listened to it traveling to Revival in Rogersville this week. How do you ever decide what to single off of a project this great? We love it and I can’t wait to see the reviews. The songs are so powerful. We love you. Your hard work paid off.

Sandra Harris

February 2009


I am sure you don’t remember me but, back 20 yrs ago we used to “jam” together at Faith Baptist Camp.

I would attempt to play the bass guitar and you on the piano. Occasionally, Mr. Jack Schuler would join us on the acoustic guitar.

I still remember your dad preaching on a Thursday night. He only got to a portion of his message before the Spirit moved in and took over. I will never forget that night. I traveled and played bass for a number of years. I quickly learned the “bus life” was not for me. I have followed you and your music for years. You are one of my favorite singers to this day.

I must give a “thumbs up” to the acoustic collection. “On My Way Back” and “This Valley Is For Me” has never sounded better!

Me and my family make our home in Woodstock, Ga. and attend the First Baptist Church Woodstock, Ga.

Always enjoy hearing you and your music. I look forward to more great music in the future.

Steve Searcy

January 2009

Just wanted to tell you that your music has been such a blessing to me. Just this morning the song “He Cares for You” has been on my heart all morning. My family is going through some valleys right now and I know that the Lord cares for me, but this song has been an extra special blessing to me this morning.

Keep on going for the Lord!
Tabiatha Tallent
Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

January 2009

Dear Mr. Atkinson One day I was driving down the road while listening to Enlighten radio station and your song “One More Time” came on. I had heard it several more times since and then I didn’t hear it for a while.

From the time I first heard you, my Mom had been sick and has since “graduated” on to be with our LORD & SAVIOR! My Mom was the most AMAZING lady ever! I stayed with her the last 3 days before she left and I know GOD prepared me for that time prior to her leaving.

I am a better person today because of my Mom. But that song One More Time reminds me of my Mom and whenever I hear it, I just raise my hands to GOD and I suddenly start whaling and I’m not sure it’s from tears of sadness or tears of joy! I miss my Mom and I love that song.

Hope you didn’t mind hearing my story. My Mom went on the be with GOD in June. Perhaps you will respond if you have time in your travels. I’ve enjoyed the photos…and I’ve actually thought that if I ever had a chance to sing in public…it would be that song “One More Time” that I would want to sing.

Pam Davis

Decmeber 2008


My daughter is the pianist at our church & sings solo’s sometimes also. She had told me that she believed she was gonna have to learn One More Time…the first time she heard it on the radio she called me and I heard the tail of it. It’s got a touch on it!

Well we were having a good service yesterday…some testifying. But the Lord spoke to her to play & sing the song. She had a terrible sinus infection and couldn’t hardly sing and only knew the chorus but she was obedient and she played & sung the chorus over and over and the Spirit fell and it was such a sweet Spirit and everyone started praising the Lord One More Time.

I already heard the song on the radio this morning and got another blessing…like I said, it has a touch on it but I’m sure you know that already.

I thank the Lord for giving you the talent to write & sing, & for the song. What a great God we serve…I’ll never understand why everybody don’t want Him!

Have a blessed day!!

December 2008

Hey , Loren!

Brenda and I just pulled up RAC’s web-site and was thrilled to see you and Ricky together again, and, with one of our favorite tenor singers. Wow !, what a combination ! And, keep in mind that, that compliment comes from a “quartet” type guy! lol

We listened to all the clips and were thrilled to hear that wonderful blend on the songs off “Encore” !

Let me also add that getting to sing bass on Beulah Land with you at J.W. Depew’s church in Kingsport was the highlight of my forty years in Gospel music.

Brenda and I will always love you Loren, and forever cherish the time that you were singing with The Miracles.

And oh! by the way, tell Ricky not to let you drive “the bus” unsupervised! Ha! God bless you, Ricky & Greg in all you do for The Lord & Gospel Music.

Roger & Brenda Peters (The Miracles)
Kingsport, Tennessee

November 2008

Hi!!!!! My name is Joy. I heard your song “One More Time” a while back and I love it!! I always want to praise my Saviour one more time each day, and as often as I can.

My mind is stayed on Him, He is always by my side when the valley is low and our sons are fighting for our freedom and daughters are in the streets wondering where they are going to stay the night. Pray for us, our son is in Iraq and our daughter has no place to lay her head, but His grace is sufficient and His way not our way.

I want you all to know this song is one of the best laid out today, in that it tells it from the heart…One More Time!

Bless you and the group,

Dave and Joy

November 2008

Mr. Atkinson,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you forfollowing what the Lord lays on your heart to write. Your music has beenquite an encouragement for our family. My husband has used a couple of your songs in Sunday School lessons. They were lessons from the heart!

God’s sweet, sweet spirit used your music to touch many. Also, one of my dearest friends lost her Dad a couple of years ago. She was devastated and as I listened to your song, “Jesus Can”, tears flowed down my face because I knew there was nothing I could do to ease her pain, but Oh, there was one who could!

I loaned her my CD and asked her to listen to that song. It too, was a blessing in her life. Thank you so very much! All of your songs are wonderful. No doubt, there are times when you get weary. Thank you for the sacrifices you make to continue on.

In Christ,


October 2008


It was a blessing to be in services with you again. God has surely given you a special talent to uplift and encourage.

Pray you had a safe trip home.

Until the next time, love and prayers,

Karen Thompson

October 2008


I really enjoyed hearing you guys sing at Dollywood. My mom and I took the day off to come up on Friday. I enjoyed it so much that I came up with my sister on Saturday to hear you all again. Your songs have always been an encouragement to me when I really needed it the most.

“Outside the Gate”…….. That song was great!

Darla T.

Kingston, TN

September 2008

Bro. Ricky,

You have definitely become one my favorite song writers of all time. I thank God for good scriptural songwriters! I wanted to tell you a story about your song “Jesus Can.” My son is in Mosul, Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division. He’s one of the guys that searches for insurgents door to door. His life is on the line every single day. He deployed last October 31st and had to take his two week leave in late January. He’d been there for only three months and the son we sent over did not come back to us. He was changed. He wouldn’t even talk much. My heart was greived. Just making a trip to the mall was an ordeal for him. He just couldn’t relax. To make matters worse, one of the boys in his company that he knew was killed while he was home. It just tore him up that he was home being pampered and babied while his buddies were in danger.

His last service at our church was dedicated to him. He is very loved at our church. Of course, our music minister knew that he would want me to sing. So, I sang your song, “Jesus Can” for him. Now, the song is an amazing song for a brother or sister in the Lord to sing to another hurting brother or sister or to a lost person who doesn’t know of Jesus’ love and compassion. But, for a mother to sing that song to her son who is getting on a plane the next morning and heading back to war in Iraq, was truly an amazing thing. I can’t really say I sang it, I wept it out, is more like it. The whole church was weeping especially where it says, “If I could, I would cross the burning dessert sand…….” Luke was very blessed and amazed that there was such a song. He took the words back to Iraq with him.

I tell you this because as much as I love to sing, God has never seen fit to give me the ability to put into words what I feel in my heart and I always rely on wonderful songs of others to speak what I feel. Your song had already been a blessing to me and our church before that night. But that night, made it very special and very personal to all of us and especially my son, Pfc. Luke Turpin.

Thank you so very much for being willing to be used of God and letting the Holy Spirit lead you. Your songs are amazing and your group is wonderful. I can’t wait to get to hear you in person sometime when you come to this area. I’ll be watching your schedule!

God bless you,

Sheila Turpin

Memphis, TN

September 2008

Hey Rick,

My name is Jack Thomason. I heard you guys at the camp meeting this year in Taylorsville, NC. Wow, What a service we had that night. I didn’t get a chance to thank you guys for not giving out. It was amazing watching the alter fill up over and over again while ya’ll sang. I pray God will keep on blessing you all as you stand in the gap, singing unto the Lord, as it is obvious is your calling! PRESS ON!!!!

Your Brother-in-Christ,

Jack Thomason- Oneonta, AL

P.S. Love the website!

August 2008

When God put this group together he certainly blessed his people!!

Folks, I am an Evangelist. I have recently been in 2 services with this awesome group and let me say they were powerful services!!!

“The songwriting” of Ricky Atkinson, the “Mr. Smooth” of Loren Harris, and the glue that holds it together, “the old man” Greg Cook, is an unbelievable combination.

Without a doubt “RAC” is the best kept secret in Southern Gospel Music.

Far down the road,
Jack Lassiter

August 2008

Hello Ricky,

I know I have already said thanks for a great concert!!!! I just want to say thanks for one more thing. The crowd there was not a very large one and when the promoter made mention of that, I felt bad for you, because I know how big of a crowd you are used to in your concerts.

I didn’t know how you would respond to a smaller crowd, BUT, when you came out and did not even care if there were 10 or 100 or 1,000 people there, it really blessed my heart! And it made me feel so good, to be apart of that. I really appreciate that. I am so thankful that I came to see you.

I also say thanks for the fact that you did not change your attitude or anything about yourself due to a ‘not-so-great’ crowd. I am so grateful to you for that.

PS I got all ten of your CDs, can’t wait to hear them all.
Under HIS Wings,

July 2008

Hello, once again from a fan in France.

I visited your website today – very nice, by the way. I listened to the songs on the MP3 list, and I also enjoy that sheet music can be downloaded. I would like to download an actual song with you singing it.Wishing you wonderful holidays.

Darla Brochu

July 2008

Dear Ricky and group,

My name is Kim Edmunds. I live in WV. I have been having some stormy weather in my life. My dad, who was also a Christian, left this life to be with God on May 12, 2007. He was only 48, and so many tears I have cried, it was unexpected.

My dad bought me a cd of you guys (not the one I wanted but I loved it anyways) I’ll tell you what, you would never know the inspiration your songs has put in my life. I thank God every time I hear those songs.

I am also a Christian, but I need your prayers because I am not where I want to stand. Every time I hear Double Portion, it reminds me of my dad and how good of a man he was and to all. My dad’s daily walk was his testimony. I just want to be closer to my Lord and raise my children like my dad raised me. My dad had just got home from the Gaither concert in Charleston, when he passed away. He called me from the concert and he was on cloud 9, praising the Lord and shouting, I am just so thankful that the Lord was blessing him and that he got to go home that night.

I just ask for your prayers and for my family, and also for my brothers family that this mourn may be a blessing in the end..that we all be closer to him. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Kim Edmunds, WV

June 2008

In these last few months, I have been greatly reminded of your song “Jesus Can”. Lately I have been sick and in alot of pain. In and out of the emergency room. All through this, people have been asking me if there’s something they can do for me. There never is, but I always think of your song, “Jesus Can”. Even though no one around me can do anything but pray, Jesus can!! Thanks for such an encouraging song!

Ada Williams

June 2008


I really enjoyed the singing a while back at Copeland Hall. You guys have a great sound and are such a great blessing!! God Bless you!!!

Matthew Beasley

May 2008


I had the pleasure of seeing you guys recently in Bowden and there is nothing I can think of that could have blessed me more. I have really become a fan of your music over the last year or so even though I follow gospel music quite closely I am more led toward male quartet, since that is what I love to do, but you have really caught my attention with your wonderful music. I have been waiting for an opportunity to see you and then I read in your email or website that you were changing your group. I thought I had lost my chance to see and enjoy you, but then as only God can do, I got new life. You will never know how excited I was to see on your website that Loren and Greg were joining you.

You see I have an ulterior motive for being so excited. Not only was I going to see you for the first time but also Loren who just happened to be probably my top three lead singers when he was with the Perrys. I was in a spiritual funk when he left them and although they are still great it just wasn’t the same. In fact they are one of the first mixed groups outside of men’s four part harmony that I will go to see six or eight times a year. But having said that there is just something about Loren and the way he adds to a song and his demeanor that is uplifting. Also Greg is to me one of my top three tenors in the business so how can you guys go wrong?

All I can say is Greater Vision (as good as it gets for trios) look out because there is a new dog in this race. I would have been surprised by anything else as good as you all three are but I still was not expecting you to be as great as you were so soon in your time together. Hey I should have known by now that God can do great things and he certainly will with your new group. I love you and all you do for southern gospel music and my Lord and Savior. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again soon.

Eddy Patrick

May 2008

Hello Mr. Atkinson,

I just want to drop you a line and say Thank You for your wonderful music. These last few days I have again rediscovered the song Prodigal’s Father. If there has ever been an awesome and anointed song that is it. Thank You for using your song writing talent and letting us hear it. Keep going upward! Do you ever come to northern Minnesota?? Could you?

It’s all about the Father,

Arnold and Elaine Kleinsasser

April 2008

Dear Mr. Atkinson,

As I’m in my morning devotion, I am blessed by the songs you have written. I just wanted to saythank you for letting God use you in your ministry. What a blessing it is, and give strength to myprayer life and courage to press on in life.

I am 67 years old and have lived most of my life for the Lord, and I have played the keyboards for a southern gospel group for 35 years.

I start my day with your songs and my purpose of writing is to encourage you in the Lord as youwork for Him, and as you write and sing the songs God has given you, remember this as you go,what you do for God really does count! I am praying that He will continue to flow through you in yourwork for Him.

May Gods riches and blessings be upon you,
Joyce Davis
Bald Knob, AR.

April 2008


We just can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the concert last night in Bowden. It was worth the 150 mile drive. I have seen you several times since the days of The Wilburns, and I can truly say this is the best of them all. We have seen you with the others and buddy they can’t touch what we heard last night.

I am so glad we ran into you in Macon last week. Buck and I talked about it all the way home last night….. I pray that this group will be together for years to come……put us on your mailing list so we can keep up to where you will be.

You 3 guys all have the best personality and that means so much to us fans. Nancy and I were talking about that last night. Fans love it when we can have time to talk with the singers and you all made us feel like family…… well I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it. Hope to see you soon.

Anytime you come up I- 75 and have a few min., call us and we will cook you up somthing to eat….we have fed alot of singers and would be so honered to have you also!Love you all,
Ceil, Buck
Warner Robins, GA.

March 2008

Dear Rick, I felt I needed to write and let you know how much your music has helped and inspired me.

All your music is God given, but the most inspiring in my opinion has got to be “My Life.”

When ever I start to struggle, I play or sing that song and my struggle just seems to lift off of me. I sing this song in Church when ever I get the chance.

Thank you again for your ministry of the music.

Mark A. Brungard.

February 2008

Dear brothers in Christ,

I know you do not know me, so I will tell you a little about me & why I am writing to you today.

I was raised in a Christian home & sang southern gospel music all my life. I am a born again believer & have been for years. I married my wife in 1984 & the lord has blessed us with three beautiful children.

June 11, 2006 I lost my dad who was also my best friend. Then just 8 months later, Feb. 06 2007, I lost my wife in a car accident when a young man crossed the center line & struck my wife’s car head on. I did not understand why or how God would allow this to happen to me. I have always tried hard to serve him, and now this. I was so afraid now, how was I going to raise three kids on my own?

But God’s grace has been renewed to me everyday, & he has shown his love to me in so many ways. Bro. Ricky, I have said all this to say this; your songs “one more time” & “I wish you could see him now” has been such a blessing to me. You will never know how many times, those songs have given me the courage to go on, even though we face a mountain every day, he is there waiting to help us over.

May the Lord continue to richly bless you, your family & your ministry.

Love in Christ,

Thomas Boudreaux

January 2008

Dear Ricky, I had to write to you and tell you what a blessing the song “One More Time” has been to my husband and I.

I live in Cedar City, Utah and there are no Southern Gospel radio stations in this area. God moved my family here 4 years ago and originally being from Winston-Salem N.C where Southern Gospel was so easily accessible it has been very hard to say the least. My husband and I both believe God answered huge prayers when Southern Gospel was added to XM radio.

My husband called me while on the road a few months back to tell me he had heard the most wonderful song. It was “One More Time”. I cannot begin to tell you the huge blessings God pours out to us when we hear this song. We just cannot hear it enough!!!!!

Thank you for the blessings you allow God to pour out through your songs!!!

In His Love,
Amber, UT

December 2007

Hi Ricky,

Thank you very much for your speedy response. I know it must be hard to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of as well as being away from home. Thank you again. Keep up the great singing and working for God!!:))

I want to say one last thing and then I’ll let you go. I truly appreciate your songs. I had never heard of your group until last Sunday when I heard “One More Time” on the Gospel Greats, with Paul Heil. I immediately went to your website and found a lot more awesome songs. My husband and I sing together at church with another man, would it be ok if we sing some of your songs? They are very encouraging songs. We do not sing for entertaining purposes only at church.

Keep up the great work. God has given you an awesome talent. May God bless you abundantly for your efforts in the ministry work.

Debi Borders
Heath, Ohio

November 2007

Last Saturday night my husband and I were watching the GMN, and saw the Dublin video of you and your group!! We liked it very much, and I must say that you are not hard to understand when it comes to telling people what they must do to be saved. We say amen amen and amen to it. I wish that more groups would tell people just what it takes, and make it simple like you did. Kept it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!God bless you all,

Debbie swaffer
Lafayette TN

October 2007

Good afternoon, I just wanted to send a note of thanks and God bless you. We were truly blessed at the concert at our church, north Hazelwood baptist, on Friday the 26th. Everyone has commented on how much they enjoyed the service and when can they come back.

I personally want to commend you on how you followed the spirit and allowed god to be first and foremost in your service to him. I’m thankful that you have taken the stand for Christ and not for self glory. I was truly blessed. I also want to congratulate you on the award for song of the year. I was watching on Saturday night when the inspirations sung the song and received the award. (on insp network)

if you are looking into next year for bookings, we’d love to have you come back to Waynesville. Sometime after may or June on a Saturday night or a Sunday night if possible. The turnout might possibly be better and we won’t have a football game to compete with. By the way, our local team won on the 26th. One of our members said he thought about running to the store and getting a bag of p-nuts and bringing them to the church for you. I’m glad Christians can have a good time no matter where we’re at.

the pastor sends his prayers and to tell you he received a special blessing from your singing. God bless you and your group. Keep in touch.

Don Bryson

September 2007

Hello Ricky,

I know I have already said thanks for a great concert. I just want to say thanks for one more thing. The crowd there was not a very large one and when the promoter made mention of that very thing. I felt bad for you all, because I don’t know how big of a crowd you are used too. And, I didn’t know how you would respond to a smaller crowd, (due to what the promoter said, and was he was like “we had such a bigger crowd last year.”) I just felt bad.

BUT, when your group came out and did not even care if there was 10 or 100 or 1,000 people there, it really blessed my heart. And it made me feel so good, to be apart of that. I re ally apperciate that. I am so thankful that I went. I also say thanks for the fact that you did not change your attitude or anything about yourself or your group due to a smaller crowd. I am so greatful to you for that. You all just came out there and sang your heart out for those of us that were there and for Jesus and for that I say “THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

PS I got all ten of your CDs, can’t wait to hear them all.
Under HIS Wings,

August 2007


I love your music !! God is using you and Compassion for HIS WORK !!! My name is Roy, and I have Agent Orange from the War. I take 12 pills a day and 2 shots. I love my Jesus and I’ll been going to the VA Hospital. If I live till November ( 6 years ). You know the LORD told me in that (still small words ) YOU STILL HAVE A SONG TO SING !!!! At one time I lead the chorus at my home church ( for 15 years ) THAT’S What I am going to do !!!! Sing FOR HIM !!!! Can I get just one soundtrack and not the whole CD of all the songs. The song NOT WHAT I AM, I cried the first time I heard that song, just thinking about it ( crying NOW. I m so glad I’m not what I am. I’m glad that I know, that I know, I am saved. God is so Good !!! Please e-mail me back and let me know about that soundtrack. GOD BLESS YOU ON THE ROAD FOR HIM !!!


July 2007

Mr. Atkinson

Your music has greatly encouraged me over the past several years; however I’ve never been able to hear you in person. I have sung many of your songs in my church and many people have been blessed. My Preacher’s favorite song is “Double Portion”. I was hoping that this song would make it to the radio. It would be a blessing to many who listen to the radio. I hope that you could get this in sheet music soon. The Lord has greatly blessed me in letting me have the privilege to be a youth pastor at Calvary Baptist Tabernacle in Salisbury, N.C. for the last eight years. I am also the choir director at our church. I would like to have some price info with your new recording studio to possibly make another solo project. My sister Rachel Azzarello helped me record a CD by playing the piano for me at The Farm studios in Madison, N.C. I am very happy for you and Bro. Lance on the song “I Have Not Forgotten.” And that it reached number one status. My step-dad Ron Cockerham is very close friends with Bro. Larry Pierce and Bro. Lance. Anyway, I hope all things are well with you so far this year. May God richly bless you in your ministry!

In His Service,
Brian Vanderford

June 2007

Dear Bro. Ricky and group,

It was wonderful to hear you all at Bro. Calhoun’s Campmeeting in Newnan,GA last week! My how the fullness of our Saviour showed up in the service and I must admit I did my fair share of crying and rejoicing with everyone else. I don’t know how you sing like that for an hour and never stop.Thank you for your sincerity and allowing God to keep using you and hanging in there even after all the changes and things you’ve been thru. We love and you and are praying for you always. Can’t wait for you to get back to our town!!

Cindy Ridge
Columbus, GA

May 2007

I saw you guys at the Petal Civic Center a few weekends ago and really enjoyed it. Toward the end, Ricky sang The Lighthouse and done a fantastic job. I hope he will put it on a cd so I can hear him do it all the time. I have always been a Kenny Hinson fan and are glad artists like RAC are still keeping him alive. Great job on that song Ric. Best wishes and God be with you all.

Brothers & sisters in Christ,
SL in MS.

April 2007

Hello Ricky: I just voted for you as Songwriter of the Year, in the Singing News balloting. Also cast, “I Have Not Forgotten” as song of the year.

Heard a group on the Celebration Cruise sing a song on their new CD– a song called, “Jesus Can”, authored by you. We loved it, sounds good!

Try to book some outings in NW Georgia,PLEASE.



March 2007

We attended your show at the NQC in September, 2006.

Every year at the Convention, seems like there is always one Bible topic in the lyrics of a song that I need to write down, to do some research. I was not aware of (or had forgotten) the Lodibar story. Of course, my pastor was well aware of it, and helped me understand its significance. I thank you for singing the song?it helps me learn more about the Bible.

Ken Danner
Apple Valley, MN

February 2007

Dear Ricky and Group,

I wanted to say how much I loved your singing in Villa Rica Ga last week! By far the best group thereand I told Brother Jimmy about that too. He said you would definately be back and he told me he hasbooked you for 3 other dates this year! Hallelujah! I was the one with all the request that you couldn’t fill,but that’s ok, I have the CDs. My Mom says the song about Job is the best ever, and it helped her thru the biggest valley of her life. We just wanted to say thank you for allowing God to use you to write lines that mean something and change peopless lives.

God Bless and keep it up!

We love you!

The Orlando Family,
Rockmart, GA.

January 2007

I just wanted to take a moment to let your group know how much we enjoyed your singing!!

There are so many groups out there singing that may have a wonderful talent, but there is just no spirit in their songs. It is like they are just performing instead of having a “ministry for God”. It is wonderful to see a group that has not only a great talent, but also, God’s anointing in their music as well as their lives. You were a blessing to us and your songs are a great inspiration.

Keep up the good work–I am persuaded it won’t be long until the Lord returns. There are so many out there in need of our Savior–before it is too late.

May God Richly Bless You.

A sister in Christ,

Angela Hutcheson

December 2006


I just wanted to take the time to e-mail you to say thank you for allowing God to use you. I know that you have heard of our son drowning last tuesday. All I can say is God’s grace is sufficient in any situation. He has proven Himself to us in so many ways these past few days. God has used our son more than we could ever imagine. When he was born we gave him back to God and it was our heart’s desire to see him serving the Lord above anything else. We have heard of and seen souls come to the Lord through Sawyer’s life. His funeral was a church service, and 8 souls were saved that day. Brian had 18 people to come to Jesus through Saywer’s life and death at his Sunday morning service (it is on his web-site). Death has had no victory only God. There are Bibles being sent out across the world in our little boy’s honor &#38 memory.

I just wanted to tell you there has been two songs playing through my mind over &#38 over. I haven’t been singing them out loud but they have been in my heart. They are your songs “The Sun Will Shine Again” &#38 “Better Land”. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you as a tool to write those precious songs. I know that they have helped many people and those songs have helped me. Your family has been a blessing to ours. Please pray for us we have seen God move in miraculous ways since June 20th, but the pain is still there. We had a sweet angel here on earth and now our sweet angel is in Heaven.


Melinda & Geoff Stroud

November 2006


I was introduced to your group over the summer months while listening online to a Southern Gospel internet broadcast. I immediately fell in love with your music. Just today I received a copy of your “Betterland” CD that I had ordered on Ebay online. As I worked I played the recording and when track 2 began, “Betterland” it stopped me in my tracks and a wealth of emotions poured from my soul that I’d dealt with over the last few weeks. You see, my sister’s father-in-law, a hard working physical man of 75 years of age died suddenly. I had just been speaking with him not an hour before he collapsed of a cardiac arrest. When I received the call I could not believe it since he had been fine just an hour earlier. I’d known this man for 40 years. My father pastored our church for 35 years, then opened the door for me to assume that role about 5 years ago when my dad retired. So as his pastor now, he had become my right hand man in maint. and repair around the building and working as an usher on the finance committee. Two weeks ago at his funeral, it was the hardest funeral I’ve ever preached amoung the dozens I’ve done over the years. As a student twenty-five years ago in college and seminary at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC they never taught us how to deal with these kind of pains. They trained us very well and I received an outstanding education, BUT never in dealing with the pain of loss personally a pastor feels as your members also become your closest friends. :

I must thank you for that song as it met a need today, and helped me come to grips with the quiet pain I’d been struggling with for the last 2 weeks.

May God Bless,

Rev. Donald E. Karnes, Pastor

October 2006

Ricky Atkinson and Compassion,

First let me start off by saying how encouraged and blessed I am every time I listen to one of your CD’s. God has truly given you all such a beautiful gift! I just want to thank you for using your talent to uplift and honor the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May He continue to bless you!!

Now for the real reason I am writing. I wanted to share with you a little bit of what I have been through the last couple of months and how one of your songs helped me make it through. I recently underwent surgery to have a tumor removed. The tumor turned out to be ovarian cancer. For a 19 year old girl, this was a very scary thing I was facing. On the day of my surgery, my parents and I were headed to the hospital. We had the CD “Not What I Am” playing. We came to the song, “One more time” My mom and I began to cry! Everything I was worried about, everything that was running through my mind…..had just left me!! I stopped worrying about what was going to happen to me, or what I would be facing in the future. I just started praising the Lord, and thanking Him for what He had already done, and what He was about to do in and through my life! I felt as though that song was written for my family and me as we faced this valley of uncertainty. This song became the song I have claimed through my surgery and recovery. And now, every time I hear that song I am reminded of just how merciful the Father is! “His Grace is Sufficient for ME!” I am also reminded of all He had brought me through and I am able to Thank Him…………One more time!!


Lincolnton, Ga

September 2006

Hey guys,

I’m sixteen years old and I am one of Heath Spivey’s teenagers in his Sunday school class. I dont think I’ve ever talked to any of you before other than buying some of your cd’s. But I am a member at West Hill Baptist Church in Hillsborough North Carolina.

I just wanted to say thanks alot …. Lately I have been going through alot of things that have really been getting me down and to be honest with you last Thursday night I was making some pretty stupid plans for that night after I got home. I went to your concert at the church that night, and ya’ll just made an extremely big impact on me that night. I mean I’ve heard ya’ll sing live before, I have 7 or 8 of your cd’s and love them all, but that night the devil was just really getting to me harder than he has in a really long while.

I was getting to a really depressed state of mind and then that night I heard ya’ll sing and it was just so amazing and God used you guys so much that night. My plans vanished for that night and I ended up using my head and kept myself safer than I would have if I had gone through with those plans. I just wanted to let yall know that you guys are a really great group (which I know you already know that but I’m gonna say it again) and I appreciate ya’ll alot, and I can’t wait till the next time I get to hear ya’ll sing. So thank you for everything that you guys do.




August 2006

I heard “Not What I Am” on our satellite radio the other day and I loved it. It so reflects the complete grace message that God is giving to our church. It has changed many lives and our church as a whole. I am on the worship committee and would love to share the words to the song with the group. I don’t see anywhere that just the lyrics are available to look at. Can you help me with this? I pray that God will continue to use you to share His message for our age.

In His name,


July 2006

Dear Bro. Ricky and group,

    I hesitated to write to you because I was worried you might use this in your email of the month, but I still wanted to let you know how much your music has made a difference in my life.
    Being from South Dakota we don’t get much life changing and heart touching music up this way, but through the miracle of I-net, I can listen to gospel music when I want. I like alot of groups but I must tell you my brother, none touches me and my wife, like your songs. Your songs not only keep us smiling when things ae good, but have kept us strong and facing the trials of life.
    Keep writing for the glory of God, and the good of His people across America.

Bless you my brother,
Brandon Riff
Green Cliff, South Dakota

June 2006






May 2006

I found this one from a few months ago, I thought our friends might enjoy it and find it interesting.

Dear Ricky,

Its Terry Melton, from Ashville, NC. Hope everything is going well for you and the group. I enjoyed meeting you all at our church, Riverside Baptist. I know God has richly blessed you because of the blessings you give to everyone else!
I was so excited to hear from you, because I didn’t get all your information after we went out to eat that night you were here, so please get me your info, your address especially. I’d like to send you some things.
I hope me and my family will be able to come to Gatlinburg in a few weeks to see you all. Get me a schedule too, so I can keep up with you as well.
Thank you for the write-up in the monthly newsletter, I read it all the time. I miss you guys, and thank ya’ll for who, and what you are. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
Hope to see you again real soon. Even if you do love the Braves….

Terry Melton #15,
Baltimore Orioles

April 2006

Dear Mr. Atkinson,

I was wondering which cd has the song “Jesus Can” on it, and also the song “On My Way Back”.I am in the US Air Force and am currently stationed overseas.I have an APO address, and it isequivelent to a stateside address.
I also would like to say thanks for the great music and songs you have written,they are a blessingto me and my family. The song, “Jesus Can” helped my father and the rest of our family thru thehardest trial of our lives. I remember driving down the road and hearing that song come on the radioon probably the darkest day of my life. Along with the tears came the understanding of the reason forour valley.Thank you for letting the Lord use you.

David A. Calloway A1C, USAF
Aircraft Structures Journeyman
RAF Mildenhall, England

March 2006


I just wanted to write you a line and tell you how much the song :The Sun Will Shine Again” has touched my heart. Life has been a little hard lately, things not as good as I would like. Health and personal problems sometimes will dim our vision, make us think that maybe things will never be better. I live in Daleville, Indiana, and there is not much Gospel music played here, but at work on my computer I listen to Joy FM, from Winston Salem, N.C.

They played the song, and I caught just the end of it. I requested it a few days later and they played it, what a message in that song. I realize that life here will never be as good as we want it to be, but as I listened to that song, as it said “I may not taste the victory until the Battles won” I got a vision of another country where the battle will truly be won.

So if I have to wait to get there to see victory over my trials, it will be worth it still. God bless your group, there is an anointing on you all that can be felt over the air waves. And I can now rest knowing truly the sun will shine again..

H. S.

Daleville, IN

February 2006


You all were such a blessing to us Friday night. We just needed a little extra refreshing and God knew just how to send it. You have always been special to us, just like one of the family and we are so happy for the way God is blessing your ministry and your recording business. You are so blessed to have the gift to write songs with such a message. Thanks again for allowing God to use your gifts for him. We love you all.

Sandra Harris

December 2005

Dear Ricky,

I have received your response and I’m delighted to be able to receive this soundtrack project. My 2 sons, my mother and myself were in an automobile accident last year. My mother was killed, my son was maimed (degloved the left side of his face), in which he is now blind in one eye and lost part of his brain. He is now 13 years old and after 12 surgeries he can now sing like a bird. I was in a body cast until the end of December last year and I’ll never forget the two songs that I listened to every day. They were The Sun will Shine Again and Jesus Can. When I felt like I had lost all my life’s hopes and reasons for being here, I was pleasantly reminded over and over again that the sun would shine again. We now go around to different churches and sing and give our testimony. People everywhere are calling us and now I realize that “Jesus Could” just like you said, “Jesus Can.”

Your songs are an inspiration to us and to our ministry and I only wish one day to meet you in heaven so that I can thank you face to face for your influence. You are a talented song writer and an inspiration.

One More Year and Thankful,
Bless you, we love you,
Canton, Ohio

November 2005


You can’t even imagine what a blessing this CD has been to me. I have almost worn it out from playing it over and over again. My wife and kids saw you at the camp meeting in Columbus, and she came back telling me about this song (Not What I Am) but even though she bragged on it, it did not do it justice. Brother, you have touched places in my heart that I didn’t even know was broken.

I have always admired your songs but I do believe this one tops them all. If someone had told me to write a song about myself and how I feel, I would have borrowed this one from you.

I just wanted to say thank you for giving of yourself and using your talent for the Lord. God has blessed you and you have many rewards up in Heaven that are to come. Keep on going and know that I will continue to pray for you every day.

God Bless you and your efforts,
Bro. Eddie Ruis

October 2005

My name is Donald Adams, and I heard your song “Not What I Am” and it spoke to me so hard that it gave me chills. What an amazing message! I live in a small town called Wylliesburg, VA, and go to Wylliesburg Baptist Church. I wish I could get the words and music to this song so I could sing one day at the church. So glad JOY-FM radio station plays your song, because it really opened my eyes and heart so much to the truth. Thank you so much for singing Gospel Music the way that you guys do!

With Gods Love and Respect,
D. Adams

September 2005


I am so glad God put writing songs on your heart. And I am so glad you are obedient to Him. Brother Charles and I have known you sincesomewhere around 1997, you have sung for us, and we have come to youwhen you have been near us…..Well one time in Lugoff, SC you sang a song you had just done, for pastors. I know, your dad having been a pastor, that that song came from experience. But it also came from God. You gave Charles a copy that night.

Well, we started out in January in this little church this time (you are coming to us in November) with 5-6 people. Now we have had nearly 70 on a Sunday morning. Praise God. But you know there’s something Satandoes not like when God is doing a good work. Not only that, but for thelast couple of weeks Charles has been in prayer and preparation for aRevival (or as he calls it an Awakening – only God brings revival) that started Sunday night. And God is doing an awesome work this week!! Soyou can imagine…. But my point is this: Friday Charles happened to be going thru a lot of boxes from our frequent moves….and he thought he had lost the cassette you had given him of that song….he found it. Well, God made it appear.

All in God’s timing. Perfect timing.

Thank you.
Bev Deitrick

August 2005

Ricky, Samuel, & Labreeska;

I just wanted to drop you all a quick note of thanks for sharing yourwonderful ministry with our congregation this past Saturday night.The Holy Spirit was there,and I know that people were touched that night through your ministry. I know many of the songs that you sang spoke to my heart and encouraged me. You three make a great team, and your voices blend so beautifully. Most of all, the sincerity that comes through in your singing andexhortation is awesome. Samuel, I am so glad that you obeyed the Lordand shared the things you shared Saturday night. It was such anencouragement.

God bless you all! We look forward to having you with us againsometime!

Dann VanHoosier

July 2005

I cannot tell you how much this song ministered to me(Not What I Am). I lost my mom in September 2004, and after having dedicated the last 8 years of my life to taking care of her, (she had dementia and the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s) I was lost. I had not been well myself for about a month before she died, and then I went downhill very quickly. I spent most of October/November in the hospital in critical condition. Being out of church with her meant that I had no pastor, no fellowship, no support, etc. Even my family didn’t understand. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret taking care of her, and I am thankful that she is in Heaven today. I felt so alone, I tried last week to end my life by taking 50 pain pills. Thankfully God did not allow them to work. My pastor and church have been wonderful in their support, and prayers. I was sitting in my cousin’s car in a Wal-Mart parking lot listening to Christian radio, don’t have a clue what station, when they played this song. It took about 30 seconds for the Holy Spirit to break down the wall and touch my heart and I began to cry. I have not cried in years. I became hard, and would not allow myself to cry. Even when my mom died, I shed no tears.But that day, listening to that song – I felt it was played just for me- I cried and fell at the foot of the cross, where I should have been all along. I’ve seen your group on GMT and always enjoyed the music.
Thank you for that song.
May God Bless You.

Waynesville, NC

June 2005

I wanted to tell you that I heard this song for the first time this morning on my way to work and it touched me so deeply that I couldn’t hold back the tears that immediately began to fall. I walked into my work place with those tears, but that’s okay, they were tears of joy and love for my saviour Jesus Christ. I phoned our local station (WJBZ 96.3) this afternoon and ask them to please play it again for me and they graciously did. If I may try to express to you the feeling, the blessing that I recieved from this wonder song, it touch the most inner core of my soul. I sing at my church and I desire with everything in me to share this song with them and all that I can. So I was wanting to know if you ever do any of your song on sound tracks, because I would like to purchase one. I also intend to purchase your CD. Your a great singer and song writer and God has blessed you with these talents. Always use them and the rest of us will continue to be blessed along with you. May God keep you and bless you.

With Love Thru Christ
Deneise Terry