Sep 20, 2014
August 2014 RAC Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Last month was busy, mostly in GA, SC, NC, FL, and TN… RAC event was an RAC reunion date with Samuel and Labreeska at 2 different churches in GA! Great day with family and friends we havn’t seen in a very long time!

The original RAC, Ricky Atkinson, Samuel and Labreeska Atkinson, along with pianist, Nathan Rogers, will be doing an RAC REUNION TOUR this summer and fall, 2014!

A family recording is also in production for the tour, and will be titled, “The Atkinson Family Legacy”

Keep listening for updates on special tour dates, and the CD release!

I’m touring a light schedule for the summer, I have a couple of big productions on the burner, so my travel time has to be lessened some in order to take care of all I have going on…That’s why the tour dates have not been posted, Im only doing a few dates here and there for now, but will be back to a full tour schedule beginning in SEPTEMBER, 2014!

A NEW RAC CD IS IN THE WORKS… 2 ACTUALLY!!  We are recording a new family CD that will be called THE ATKINSON FAMILY LEGACY, featuring the entire family… different trios, duets, quartets, choirs, it will be the most interesting production I have ever produced, but it will be worth it. This is in honor of my parents 50th Anniversary this year!

ALSO, I have never recorded a CHRISTMAS CD, well that’s about to change too! My children, Shelby and Keenan, are both great singers, but have never been on an official recording… they will join me for our family Christmas CD… gonna be a busy but GREAT summer in the studios!!!

The New Resting Place Music, Vol.,16 is at radio July 1, 2014!  RAC, The Anchormen, The Dixie Echoes, Chronicle, Victoria Shirey, The Wine Family, Elizabeth Stamper, Royal City, and Logan Smith will join us on the compilation…I already know, this new comp disc has some great gospel music and we enjoy working with all these talented people!

RPM VOL 15, was a HUGE success!! Everyone charted well, and RPM ARTIST, CHRONICLE, had their very first top 30 song, “Lambs Gonna Leave His Throne” at number 24 this month!! ALSO, RPM Bluegrass Artist, Damascus Ridge, topped out at #2, Singing News Bluegrass Chart last month!! Congrats to all of our artist for tremendous charting success! That’s not why we do what we do, but it does mean that the GOSPEL, thru our songs, is blasting on the airwaves around the world all day and all night!!!!

NEW tour dates, and newsletter, and emails of the month are updated, so go check out the website to see the updates…

Until next time,
Ricky Atkinson

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